Panthers Playoff Tickets: The Art of Buying and Selling

NORTH CAROLINA -- How much would you pay for a ticket to Sunday's Carolina Panthers playoff game? How about $11,000? That's the highest priced ticket on StubHub right now.

No one in their right mind would pay that much for a ticket to any game, but hiking the price of tickets is a growing trend and it could affect the amount of people in the stands.

On Stub Hub, there are 5,000+ tickets for resale in all areas of Bank of America Stadium. Many of them are going for more than a thousand dollars.

"With the high demand games, the secondary ticket market, you usually see those prices go up and people kind of get stuck having to pay that higher price," said Elon University Sports Management Professor Dr. Anthony Weaver.

He's not surprised by the high ticket prices. "Certainly there are people out there that are trying to profit from those that are die-hard fans or really interested in going to a game," said Weaver.

For the seller, there's a big risk with reselling a ticket to make a profit. "Usually when you get closer to the game, if demand is high, you'll see the price go high," said Weaver. "If demand doesn't get there, then the broker will have no other choice but to start lowering the price to try to get more fans to go."

All those inflated prices might cause people to stay home altogether. "Now we're starting to see the idea of people really judging this price point and if they feel like paying that kind of money and dealing with that kind of a crowd," said Weaver.

And be careful who you buy tickets from. Use popular websites like StubHub, Ticketmaster or the NFL Ticket Exchange. And beware of scalpers outside the stadium. There's no way to know whether that ticket they're selling you is real or fake.

If you're waiting for the price to go down before buying, don't hold your breath. Dr. Weaver told us because the interest is so high for Sunday's game, ticket prices will only go up.


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