Chef Secrets: Different Way To Shuck and Cook Corn

GREENSBORO, NC- Restaurant Report Card lesson chef and GTCC culinary instructor Al Romano shows us his secrets for shucking corn and how to tell if it's done cooking.

"What I like to do is just take my knife and just kind of cut it right in the end there. I cut both ends off," says Al.

Then Al says he can easily peel one side and just run his fingers down the other side. "I will get most of the silk out in one shot. It's ok if some of the silk is in there because it will come off in the water."

Al says he cooks corn like he cooks pasta - two to one. "I say a gallon of water per four pieces of corn - enough to cover it. You want to make sure you water is boiling."

He also says he always salts the water. "Salt actually draws out the impurities of whatever it is your cooking."

Al says when you think it's getting close to being ready, take it out to check it. "I do it by feeling, and I can feel if it's tough or not. Usually 15 minutes in boiling water - just like an egg."

Al says you can tell how freshly picked corn is by looking at this snipped end. It it's dry, it's been out of the field for a little while. But he also says you can keep corn for months and it will still taste good.


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