Dish Washing Water - The Hotter, The Better

GREENSBORO, NC -- We use hot water at home to kill germs in our kitchens but do we ever sit there and stick a thermometer it? Well restaurants do - they have to make sure their hot water reaches at least 110 degrees. What's magic about that number? Chef and GTCC culinary instructor Keith Gardiner says If the wash temperature is not a 110 degrees or higher, the actual surface of the utensil that's being washed is not going to get hot enough to be sanitize in the solution. "Plus the cooler water doesn't get grease and other food particles off as well."

The water coming out of the sink in the GTCC kitchen sink is about 130 degrees which is pretty hot. Keith says, "You can burn your hands at 130 degrees. Gloves are the best way to keep from doing that and they make big black rubber gloves that are going to perfect the employees from any kind of heat."

Keith says 110 degree water is really like bath water so it's not going to burn anyone. He reiterates, "The hotter the temperature the better it's going to be for removing food particles, dirt and grime. Again it gets the surface of the plate hot enough so that the sanitizer can do its job as well."

Restaurants can lose up to one point for this violation.


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