Restaurant Report Card Lesson: Don't Work Sick

GREENSBORO, NC -- How many times have you told one of your coworkers to go home because they're coughing on you? Well even worse than sitting beside them might be a sick person making your food. Restaurants must have an employee health policy that requires workers to let their managers know when they're sick. Chef and G-T-C-C instructor Keith Gardiner explains how it protects you, the restaurant and the employee.

Keith says, "This policy actually states what requirements are -- what the illnesses are that can lead to transferable diseases, you know that can be contagious other people so people know that they should stay home."

Keith says sometimes the biggest problem is sometimes on the management side. "They want employees to come into work regardless because they need the people, but there is a snowball effect. So one person gets sick, comes into work then the next thing you know everybody is sick with the same thing and it can spread to the customers. So this policy protects the restaurant - that we have informed are employees, that if they have these illnesses, not to come in."

Keith says, "It also informs the employees that if you are sick, you really need to take some time off and get yourself well before you come back and get other people sick in the process."

Restaurants can lose up to three points for this violation.


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