Restaurant Report Card Lesson: The Right Way To Dice

GREENSBORO, NC -- Chefs make slicing and dicing look so easy. It turns out it's a two-part technique. In tonight's Restaurant Report Card lesson, chef and GTCC instructor Al Romano shows us the right way to do it! Step one: Make sure you're holding your hands the right way.

Romano said, "I'm going to make a little claw method, just like that, looks just like a claw and but that down on my onion. So when I cut, so when I'm cutting I'm not worried much, I'm not even looking down, I won't slice my finger. The biggest problem is people stick their thumbs out and they lose their thumbs. Me included I did that when I first started out."

Once you know the right way to hold your hands, you need to know how to make it work for your dinner! So Chef Al showed us how to slice and dice.

He said, "What I do is take my hand high like this and I slice like this one time, my hand and everything is up. I slide this way, go in about three quarters of the way maybe do two slices, you don't even have to do that if you don't want to. Then I'm going to follow the lines hear with my knife, fingers in, sliced in like so and just following the lines that's all I'm doing and then I'm going to cut one more time. Then I take again same thing clay method, slide it right down the knuckle and as you see perfect little dices all the way down to the end perfect dices."


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