RRC Lesson: Dumpster Door Open? Violation!

GREENSBORO, NC -- Health inspectors recently dinged a restaurant because the doors were open on its dumpster. Sound nit-picky? Chef and culinary instructor Keith Gardiner tells us the reason behind the violation in this Restaurant Report Card lesson.

Keith says the main reason is to keep insects and rodents from going inside the dumpster, then coming out and cross cross-contamination things. But really, "It's more to control the rodent and insect population and keep those from becoming a problem in the area," he says.

Keith says the doors typically get left open because people get in a hurry. "On a day when it's sunny, it's no big deal. But when the weather's bad like we've been having with the snow - somebody comes, they throw the trash away. They're freezing. They run back in and they leave it open."

Another problem - restaurants may be in a strip mall or shopping center, where they share that dumpster with other retail outlets and stuff. Keith says, "For the retail outlets it's not such a big deal for them. They don't get inspected. There no perishables. It's things like paper products and things that aren't going to go bad, so they don't think about that. So if someone from another store leaves the dumpster door opened, you share that dumpster with them - you still get the points taken off."

Restaurants can lose up to one point for this violation.


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