RRC Lesson: Pink Pork Is Ok As Long As It Reaches The Right Temp

GREENSBORO, NC -- A 2 Wants to Know viewer asked us about a great topic - her meat thermometer says her pork is done...but it's still pink. What does she trust? The color? Or the thermometer?

Chef and GTCC culinary instructor Al Romano says, "Trichinosis is killed at 137 degrees. With pork, people always tend to overcook pork because they're afraid of getting sick. I go 140 degrees for two minutes because once you take it out its going to carry over and cook a little more."

And now the test. "It's going to be red. I'm going to cut right down the middle and we got some pink see. That is perfect and actually we should let it rest a little longer and it will get some really nice color."

Here's how Al got to that nice color:

Any type of meat you - want to do is you want to sear, to get a nice color on it and gives it great flavor. Get my pan super hot, with a little grease in there. Either you use pan spray, oil or whatever you like. So I'm going to drop my tenderloin right in there. And all I want to do is brown it up on each side, so the longer I keep it in here the less I'm going to keep it in the oven. Then I'll pop it in the over just for about 15 minutes or so just to get it up to 140 degrees.


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