RRC Lesson: Stop Making These Common Grilling Mistakes

GREENSBORO, NC -- Chef and GTCC culinary instructor Al Romano says we make two big mistake when we grill burgers at home.

"The biggest misconception people do is move them around. Thrown them on the grill let them sit there for a few minutes then I'll flip them over."

Al says a lot of times when people start flipping their steaks, chicken, they stick. "That means it's usually not ready. Let it cook a good amount before you flip it. When you move them to much you lose too much juice. I don't want to flip these anymore."

Al says the other misconception is people squeeze down on the burgers. "We don't want to do that. Watch what happens when I squeeze it. You don't want that big flame up. That's what you don't want. I just lost a whole bunch of juice that burger is going to be dry."


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