Why Air Drying Is The Safest Way To Dry Dishes - No Kidding!

GREENSBORO, NC -- So many of our moms are shaking their heads right now - it really is better for your health not dry your dishes - to just let them sit there on your counter and air dry. Restaurant Report Card lesson Chef and GTCC instructor Al Romano asks a simple question when it comes to our dish towels:

"Where has this been? Where has this been? It could have fell on the floor. We could have wiped are hands with it. Your kids could have come along and blew their nose in it. We don't know. We don't know."

So Al says towel drying is really not good. "With that towel, your taking the bacteria that's on the towel and putting back it on the plate and putting it in the cabinet."

Al says even if we religiously change the towel out every night we should still air dry. "They're nice for decorative use but that's about it."

Here's another problem - leave even a little bit moisture and you can breed bacteria on your dishes.


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