SC State President Leads Historic Flight

SC State President to lead formation of planes over the stadium.

Clemson, SC (WLTX)  When the planes fly over Memorial Stadium for the start of football game the South Carolina State versus Clemson game tomorrow President James Clark will be leading the flight formation.

“I told them that I would do something special for them,” Clark said. 

“We think this is the first time ever that a college president is going to lead the formation flight for the opening of any sort,” the South Carolina State President explained about Saturday’s flight. 

He will be in a plane he built named Papa Juliet leading eight of his friends in a formation flight for the opening ceremonies as the SC State Bulldogs takes on the Clemson Tigers.

“Success here is living, you know first of all, but also success is putting on a beautiful performance, and so teams have to do the same thing, learn, trust, open communication, frank communication,” the new president said.

Clark said he borrows some of his experience from working on a team as a formation pilot to steer the university in the right direction. 

“There should be perfect symmetry, perfect alignment, perfect spacing,” Clark said. “You learn to say here's a mistake that I made, and I won't make it again then overtime you learn to not make the mistake and you get better, because you're watching everyone. Everyone is becoming a closely knit family, and that's one of the things, that's one of the exercises that we're developing over at SC State with the leadership team.”

Clark says the flight is symbolic of the partnerships he hopes to have with other universities and businesses.

“Really look at research opportunities and joint programs that Clemson and SC State can be doing in the future,” Clark said.

The alpha bull dog leading the school up and forward.

“Go Bulldogs,” Clarks says laughingly.

One of Clark's Clemson friends had the idea and both of them will take flight around 11:55 a.m. Saturday morning.

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