Sheriff Will Charge You If You Report Clown Hoax

Sheriff Will Charge You If You Report Clown Hoax

CLEVELAND COUNTY, NC - The message from police: Stop clowning around.

Wednesday, the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office received an anonymous call that a clown was outside of an elementary school, but it turned out that report was false.

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It comes on the heels of several sightings in Greenville, South Carolina.

Imagine seeing a clown staring at you, as you walk out of the laundromat late at night. Or worse, stumbling upon a creepy man dressed in costume lurking outside of your apartment. Four people in Greenville say it happened to them.

“Yeah, it’s crazy. It’s a crazy world isn’t it?” said one father of two.

“It’s pretty creepy,” Jamie echoed.

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“Random people are scaring our kids,” Albert said.

But Greenville Police said the circus isn’t in town. The city is up to six sightings of clowns. Reports of white, black, and race unknown all in costume. 

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There are even reports of them trying to lure kids into the woods.

“The clowning around needs to stop. It’s illegal. It’s dangerous. It’s inappropriate,” Greenville Police said in a news conference.

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The first local report of a clown sighting happened in Cleveland County Wednesday, but it turned out to be false.

The Sheriff’s Office posted to Facebook, “Investigating these allegations has taken numerous man hours… baseless and false reports take away from the Sheriff’s Office resources and ability to work other criminal investigations.”

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Parents and kids across the Carolinas just want these bozos to go away.

The Cleveland County Sheriff’s office said anyone who posts a false report about a clown near a school could face charges of obstruction of justice.

Rachel Brown, WCNC


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