Snow Angels In The Triad Back In Action

PIEDMONT TRIAD, N.C. -- With hundreds of thousands of power outages reported statewide, slick road conditions, downed trees and power lines, it was a difficult week for residents in the Triad.

As police and emergency workers responded to dozens of accidents county-by-county, citizens in our area did what they could help others.

WFMY News 2 viewers shared their stories on our Facebook page of how others helped them this week through the winter weather:

ยท Latoya Stokes-Williams: My husband helped an elderly man get his car unstuck on east market and the guy tried to pay him but he couldn't take his money... We are suppose to help each other out especially the elderly

Jeffrey Totten: I got stuck in the work parking lot a employee came in as I was leaving but my front tires kept spinning he help me n got a shovel and I made it it home!!!!!

Tara Jasper: My brother in law and some others went and cut 2 trees off the roof of a house in Randleman and put tarps over the roof because the dad living in the house is in the hospital. Luckily he, his wife and 2 boys weren't home when it happened.

Kandi Ling Burke: My son ended up in a ditch and someone was nice enough to tie a rope to the tow hooks and pull him out earlier today. Thankfully he and the car were both fine.

Christy Evans: My husband and kids helped move trees out of the roads around Julian.

Rhonda White Williams: Kodos to all the emergency workers (fire, ems & leos) for all they have done. Especially the Staley & Liberty volunteer firefighters. Almost 20 hours of calls, including removing downed trees from roadways & homes.

Margie Ellington: After DOT scrapes our road, my cousin goes to every house on our road and scrapes the snow off the end of our driveways and around our mailboxes, so we can get out and have our mail delivered. He does this after every snow storm. Thanks, Clay!

Patty Williams: Thank you to our friend Gary Hutcherson from Graham for letting us borrow a heater until we get power back.

Bonnie Wagoner Pearson: got a dear friend coming from Liberty to Burlington tomorrow to help us clean up our yard..he put off doing his to help us with ours..our hats off to you Randy and Darlene Davis..

Marsha Wilson Rudd: My husband and I stopped in the middle of hwy 70 in Hillsborough to cut a tree out of the middle of the road and before we knew it, several others had left there cars in the road to help. There are still good people in the world.

Megan McLaughlin Smith: Oh wow!!! The first storm I had a crazy (dumb) idea to get Starbucks before work:(. So not even thinking about it I went about my normal way to work.....penny rd into Jamestown!!!! BIG mistake!!!!! But thankfully there was a sweet man (said he was ex-marine) and he seriously saved me!!!!! He apparently lived on penny road and was watching the chaios unfold. As I literally tried to stop I about hit this man with my SUV. He looked at me and said "sweetie would you like me to turn you around so you don't end up like those!" YES and thank you sooooo much for that sweet man:)

Christy Evans: My husband and kids helped move trees out of the roads around Julian.

Benjamin Roberts: I cleared two driveways with limbs down , one had fell on a couples car . They were on there way to a church function, they were praying as I pulled up with my chainsaw.

Charlotte Kearns: My son has been out working in this mess with asplunsh and duke energy to help get power restored in all areas. I can't say enough to those working outside trying to help others cause they had to drive their own vehicles to get to their trucks to help not counting the help they did for others on the way.

Lois Layman: My husband David helped my neighbor,push her car up the cul-de-sac to her driveway,her car was just sitting and spinning.

Paula Finkle Labrecque: My sister and family helped me but I made sure the birds were fed.

Elizabeth Ashley: My sister in law invited us over to a warm house with a warm bed, warm shower and warm food. Including our dog. We have had a grand time. Very blessed.

Samantha Drake: I only live 8 miles from my parents but my power went off around 9am this morning and my parents said they would come and get me. .. It took them almost 3 hours to get to me. My dad with the help of a couple other men cleaned up liberty road between the food lion and Monett Rd which was awful. Even after that road block he kept going and cleared of other roads and had to take detours where it was to bad for him to pass. So I wanted to share with as many as I could how wonderful he is and how blessed I am to have him as my dad!

Cynthia C. Brown: I live in Southern Alamance County at the bottom of pretty long driveway. UPS man stopped at end of driveway and carried two packages in then on his way back up he pulled a pretty big tree limb out of my driveway. Thank you UPS man.

Betty Sweat: My neighbor is letting us hook up to his power generator thank god atleast we will have some heat

Brittany Michelle Ingold: We went from 3 people and 2 dogs in my 7 people and 4 dogs lol Helped some friends with no power

Amanda Xbossybabyx Estes: So a tree fell in the road and my car started to slide. I ran into a ditch. I hit it hard. I got out the car and fell into the snow under my car. I was hurt and wet. This awesome group of people snapped the tree branches with their bare hands and pushed my car out the ditch. I tried to help them when I fell into the tree, road, and slush. Two guys or maybe three pulled me up and helped me to safety. God bless them and if you recognize them... tell them I said thank you!!!!

Meghan Chambers: Thursday night, I was going down 14 in Eden, heading towards reidsville and my car started sliding into the center lane and I tried to turn back into my lane and when I did, my car spun twice into the oncoming traffic. a woman hit me on my side of the car and it totaled my car. Right after I wrecked, not even a minute after my car stopped, a man came and opened my passenger side door and saw how scared and hurt I was. He asked me my name and what was hurting. I told him the best I could and then informed him that I was 14 weeks pregnant. He then asked me if he could pray with me. He sat in the car and grabbed my hand with one hand and put his other hand on my belly and prayed with me until the ambulance got there. He prayed for my safety, and wellness, and then he prayed that God please wrap his arms around my little baby and keep he/she safe. That man will never be forgotten in my eyes. It's people like that, that I thank God exist. He made a big impact on me. And I still thank God for keeping us safe.

JoAnne Finkle Bruner: We invited all of our family and friends ( and animals) to our home if they didn't have electricity...cause we had a generator and a wood stove .

Ginger Southard: My cousin came over and scraped our 1/4 mile driveway so that we could get out He has done this twice for us! He's my hero!!

Carissa Richter: My husband and I were on our way to get our son around 6 pm when the truck in front of us hit his breaks and we couldn't stop fast enough and slid into the ditch. Thank goodness the truck that stopped behind us had a tow winch and pulled us out. Thank you for helping us get unstuck on Lewiston, stranger! Earlier, my husband, a stranger and I helped get a man unstuck while trying to turn onto a road. Karma helped us today and I'm grateful for everyone out there that had been giving a helping hand.

Jesselee Hopper: Not this storm but the first one I helped a crowd of people. One lady actually wrote a letter to my work about it. I've recieved much gratitude for it. I didn't think much of it but she made me sound great lol

Sunny Kayak: I commend the good Triad people for the courteous driving when the stop lights was out in Archdale everyone treated it like a 4 way stop and waited their turn. This was on 311 which is 4 lanes and a turn lane. Same at interstate which included ramps.

Paige Lloyd Pritchard:Paying it forward in Haw husband and sons helped the neighbor across the street cut up a tree and limbs that covered his yard and driveway. Our other neighbor, who has a generator, shared a drop cord with us so we could at least have some lamps, run the TV, and charge our phones.

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