Telemarketing Sales Pitch For Home Security Systems Not Endorsed By GPD

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Greensboro Police are warning citizens that a telemarketing sales pitch for home security systems is not being endorsed by them.

Several residents have told police they have recently received unsolicited calls that begin with a disturbing message allegedly from the FBI or the police department saying there were burglaries in their neighborhoods. The message continues by saying their local police department advises them to get a security system.

Officers say some of the calls come from 919 or 313 area codes, while others come from a 1-800 number. The company may then identify itself by a generic name such as "Security Services" or "Home Protection Services," will then offer to install the security system for free in return for placing the company's sign in one's front yard.

Greensboro Police says other warning signs that the company may not be legitimate are:

· Stating that the offer for the service is good for one day only

· Asking you for your credit card information before allowing you to see the contract

· Not offering to show you the company's license

· Leading you to believe you are getting something for free, only to learn that you have to sign a contract for the service, and there is a monthly monitoring fee

· Using scare tactics to tell you about crime in your neighborhood

Officers say if you are interested in getting an alarm system, research companies that offer the service. In North Carolina, alarm companies and their employees must be licensed. Check out, the Better Business Bureau, or Consumer Reports to learn about the company.


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