Triad Police Watching Developments in Ferguson

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The story of what Michael Brown continues to unfold out of Ferguson, Missouri, and as it does, it seems the country is watching.

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There have been 10 nights of protests, at least 8 officers injured, 3 people shot, and at least a dozen businesses damaged or looted. In the past 10 days, close to 200 protesters have been arrested, including 10 journalists. On Tuesday, 78 people were arrested. Of those, 18 people arrested don't even live in the state of Missouri.

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What's happening in Ferguson is pointing to an obvious debate about race and law enforcement in the United States. Of the 21,000 people living in Ferguson, 67-percent are black. A much smaller percentage makes up the police force - 3 of 53 officers are black.

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The Greensboro Police Department takes great care to make sure the force is diverse. Deputy Chief James Hinson says it helps to build trust with citizens of all backgrounds. The department also works to build trust by being approachable and accessible by attending neighborhood meetings and just meeting and getting to know the people who they serve.

"We may wear the badge and the uniform but we are people and at the end of the day, we have some of the same things that affect us that may affect your life on a day-to-day basis," explained Deputy Chief James Hinson, Greensboro Police Department.

On the criticism police sometimes get about how they are accused of treating minorities, Hinson said, "It's very disturbing."

Hinson continued, "But what I try to do is challenge my officers to take those remarks and prove the community wrong, that we are not trying to target a particular group of individuals, that we are going to treat all people with dignity and respect."

Hinson says GPD is watching the scene in Ferguson for what they can learn from what's happening there and he says police across the country are likely doing the same thing.

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