U.S. DOJ Files Released In Sheriff Johnson Investigation

GRAHAM, N.C. -- After four years of allegations, the United States Department of Justice is showing the files it says is evidence in the discrimination lawsuit against the Alamance County Sheriff.

Monday, the feds filed a 677-page document it says is proof Sheriff Terry Johnson targets Latinos.

The Department of Justice alleges Sheriff Terry Johnson routinely targeted Latinos in traffic stops, and it says Johnson also allowed a culture of discrimination against the Hispanic population in his department.

Sheriff Johnson filed his own case on Sunday – and is denying everything.

WFMY News 2's Morgan Hightower reviewed hundreds of pages of evidence. This report focuses on the deposition of Sheriff Johnson and statements made by former sheriff staff.

Former Sheriff Deputy Adam Nicholson filed a sworn statement saying it was common for the sheriff's office to set up checkpoints around areas with mostly Hispanic residents.

He wrote about two incidents where he says Sheriff Johnson told him to target Hispanics at the Rocky Top Mobile Home Park, saying Johnson told him to "Get the Mexicans out of there."

Another former Sheriff Deputy, Steve Perry, wrote in a sworn statement Sheriff Johnson told him, "I want you to lock up any <expletive> Mexican that you can."

Both Perry and another former deputy Kenny Evans, wrote they knew current sheriff staff who were afraid to talk to the DOJ because they thought they would be fired.

The sheriff addresses these allegations in his deposition.

When asked if he ever told his staff to quote, "Bring him some Mexicans," Sheriff Johnson answered, "Absolutely not."

In his answer, he goes on to say he once said, "Well, then go get them Mexicans," after being told about crimes involving a Mexican gang.

Sheriff Johnson was also asked in his deposition if he said, "In Mexico, there's nothing wrong with having sex with a 12, 13 year-old girl."

Sheriff Johnson admitted to saying that but said he was "referring to your drug traffickers, criminal element, not the Latino population in general."

Sheriff Johnson denied discriminating against Latinos in his deposition, and said at one point in part, "There is only one race…and as far as I'm concerned.. that's the human race."

The DOJ interviewed current and former sheriff staff but in the depositions WFMY News 2 has reviewed so far – no one said the Sheriff directed them to target Latinos.

Chief Deputy Tim Britt was asked about the relationship between the sheriff's office and the Hispanic community. He said in his deposition that it was "fine," but admitted he thought it was strained in the last 3 years because of this investigation by the Department of Justice.

This is a developing story. Stay with WFMY News 2 for updates.

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