WFMY News 2 Is Answering Your Health Care Questions

WFMY News 2 is answering your health care insurance questions this week. Allegacy Business Solutions' Liz Gallops shares the top health care questions and answers she's receiving right now.

1. Do I have to buy insurance if I don't have any income/unemployed?

Answer: If you do not have any income for 2014 then you make too little to qualify for subsidies to help you buy insurance. However, you may be able to qualify for a hardship exemption that will waive the tax penalty for not being insured in 2014.

2. I'm offered insurance at work, can I get it cheaper through the Marketplace?

Answer: If your employers offers you coverage that meets minimum value and affordability, even if you feel it is too expensive for your and your family, you and your family are not eligible for government subsidies in the Marketplace. If the coverage at work does not meet these requirements then you may be eligible for subsidies. Have your employer complete the "Employer coverage Tool" which you can print out off of

3. What if I have Medicare, do I have to by Marketplace insurance?

Answer: If you have Medicare, Medicaid, or TRICARE/VA coverage then you are considered covered.

4. What's your advice for these people that fall in the group where they don't qualify for federal exchanges, or Medicaid?

Answer: This situation is called the Medicaid doughnut hole. It is where someone makes below 100% of Federal Poverty Level so they don't qualify for subsidies. But, because NC decided not to expand Medicaid in our state, there folks can't get Medicaid like the law originally intended. The only option is to pay full price for the insurance. Or chose to go uninsured and apply for a hardship exemption so that they don't face the tax penalty for being uninsured. There is a chance that if they have kids, that the kids might qualify for NC Health Choice. They can also look to community care centers to receive preventive care at a low cost.

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