WSPD Officer Honored For Saving Woman From Burning House

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- They are called to 'protect and serve' - but we all know, a police officer's job description can't fit into a slogan. They maintain order, keep the peace, run toward danger and Officer Michael Moore is no exception.

In May, the Winston-Salem Police Officer ran into a burning house on, to save a woman trapped inside. Keisha Davis started crying when she learned Officer Moore was going to be awarded the department's Medal of Valor. She is not the woman Officer Moore saved, but she called 911 when she saw her neighbor in trouble.

"I heard a loud boom. And I looked out my window and couldn't see anything," remembered Keisha Davis. "When I opened the door, I just seen flames going everywhere."

"I've never seen a fire so intense," explained Davis.

At the Medal of Valor ceremony, Officer Moore said if he were put in the same situation, he would absolutely do it again.

"I just wanted to get her out as soon as possible," he said. "I think it was more human instinct than anything."

Moore has been an officer with WSPD for seven years. His supervisor, Sgt. Stewart Sloan, said Moore's makes a great officer.

"He's fantastic. He does a great job. Very soft-spoken, very humble fellow. Just a great guy to have on your squad," Sloan said.

The rescue earned Moore the medal along with a certificate from the department. He is the only person to receive this award so far this year. Officer T.R. Wilson was the only recipient last year.

"I was surprised. I didn't really expect it. But you know, it was a great honor to receive it," Moore said.

Sloan said all he knows all of the officers would do the same thing Moore did if they were there.

"They love the people that they do it for. If they didn't, they certainly wouldn't run into burning houses to try and help them," Sloan said.

Officer Michael Moore was the first officer to arrive and without hesitation, Davis, the neighbor, says he bolted toward the burning house.

"He came up and he jumped the fence," said Davis."The next thing I know, less than like five minutes, less than five minutes, he was coming out with her."

Davis remembers, "She just kept thanking Jesus, and I was thanking Jesus with her."

"He saved her life, that's the best thing and yes, he deserves to be honored."

According to WSPD policy, The Medal of Valor is presented to officers who, "performed in a manner that far exceeded department standards, and; performed unselfishly without regard for personal safety, and; prevented an eminent loss of life or serious injury."


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