Apartment Complex Tells Man He Can't Display Texas Or American Flag Outside

Apartment resident told to take down Texas flag

CORPUS CHRISTI (KIII NEWS) - Every morning you'll find Archie Kroll putting out his Texas flag, a proud reminder of a state and country he's dedicated his life to.

"I served 8 years in the military, and that's one thing I do have a true passion about is my flag," said Kroll.

But this past week, he received a letter from Sugartree apartment management that left him shocked and disappointed.

"This here is the note I got 2 days ago. They told me that I need to take the flag down completely," said Kroll.

Kroll said four months ago when he moved in, maintenance workers told him it was no problem displaying the flag in front of his apartment in a bed of rocks. The letter claimed the reason it's a problem is because it's in a common area...an area the front office told us has never been considered a common area before and shouldn't be an issue.

That letter, coming from Sandalwood corporate management, the company that owns the Sugartree apartments.

But when Kroll asked where he can display it, he said they told him only inside, as it could be offensive to those who aren't from Texas. They told him he cannot fly it on his porch or on his truck while it's parked in the complex parking lot.

"They said that if I fly my Texas flag and somebody flies a flag that's against their beliefs or what have you, then they'll have to allow them to fly theirs also," said Kroll.

Kroll said his American and Texas flags have actually garnered positive response from other residents, who are now supporting him on the issue.

"I see nothing wrong in claiming to be an American," said Carla Lane, who is planning on moving into an apartment soon. She said the first decorations she is planning to hang up are an American and Texas flag on her patio.

We reached out to the Sandalwood regional manager but did not hear back.

Kroll said he will find out this week from corporate management if they'll continue to ban him from flying the flag on his truck too. He said if they still say no to any flags outside, he will move out.

"Nope, I'm not taking it down."

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