Ga. Bill: Slow-Poke Drivers Need To Move Over

ATLANTA (WXIA) -- A Georgia lawmaker wants to get slow-poke drivers out of the fast lane.

Rep. Bill Hitchins has proposed House Bill 459, which states that a driver would have to move out of the passing lane one they realize a faster car is coming up from behind. If you don't move to the right, you could be pulled over and ticketed.

Hitchins, a former Georgia State Patrol commander, admits the law would be hard to enforce. He said that the bill isn't about writing tickets, it's about teaching people common courtesy.

"If you're walking down the sidewalk and someone comes up behind you moving faster, you move to the right and let them by," Hitchens said. "I think for safety sake, it's the best thing can happen on the highway, too."

The bill passed the House on Wednesday with only nine opposing votes. It moves to the Senate next. If it's signed into law, it'll go into effect on July 1.


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