Hackers Force Emergency Landing Of American Airlines Flight

ARIZONA-- An American Airlines plane was headed to San Diego when it was diverted to Phoenix due to what American Airlines called a "security related" issue.

But passengers on the plane told CBS DFW's Phoenix affiliate that a Sony Online Entertainment Executive was the target of a threat.

The plane was diverted shortly afterwards to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, where the FBI was waiting.

Passengers said FBI agents scanned every inch of the aircraft, which held them up for about 4 hours.

Finally, when all was clear, passengers were put back on the plane and sent to their original destination, San Diego.

Passengers said Sony Online Entertainment Executive, John Smedly, was on the plane.

Hackers claimed to have taken down some of Sony's server's Sunday morning.

Passenger Alex Collins was concerned and annoyed by the delay.

"Everyone's great, I think everyone's just annoyed at this point kind of finding out what had caused the issue in the first place," said Collins

The flight had 179 passengers on it and 6 crewmembers.

American Airlines provided no further details and Sony said in a statement that the FBI is handling the situation, but had no further comment.


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