Lightning Knocks Man Right Out Of His Shoes

ATLANTA, GA -- An Atlanta man is one of a few to be struck by lighting and live to tell the story of what happened.

Sean O'Connor says he was about to do some yard work when he heard a loud crash like a clap.

He told WGCL, "Just as I picked up the rake I heard a loud crashing sound. A few moments later I was picking myself up off the ground. I had the taste of blood in my mouth. I noticed my leg was burning a little bit."

O'Connor said before it struck he couldn't see or hear any thunder or lightning. It took him a moment before he realized what happened. He took video of it just moments after the strike to prove to his wife he wasn't joking.

He also said the lightning strike blew off his boots, "My leg hairs were singed. I could smell the burnt hair. I looked across the driveway and I could see my boots over there. They were no longer on my feet and one of them was smoking'. At that point I realized I had just been hit by lightning."

O'Connor had to stay in the hospital overnight so doctors could monitor his irregular heart beat caused by the lightning strike.

According to the National Weather Service the estimated odds of being struck by lightning in a given year is more than one in 700,000.


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