Neighbors On Edge After Massive Sinkhole Forms

Spring Hill, Florida -- It's a sinkhole on the brink of swallowing a home in Spring Hill. The hole opened up Saturday and has only gotten bigger.

Hernando County officials told 10 News a contractor will be sent out to evaluate the situation on Monday afternoon. But neighbors we spoke with have all been upbeat about the situation. They say the hole hasn't grown since Sunday, but some are still planning for the worst.

"You have to knock on my door and tell me to leave, I'm ready to roll," said Spring Hill resident Peggy Helmick.

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Helmick has been keeping an eye on the hole that's been growing in front of her house since Saturday.

"That's new, this one right here... these cracks are getting bigger," she said pointing to the fissures surrounding the hole that's swallowed up part of a Spring Hill street.

Helmick says the sinkhole started small, but "look at the size of that." The hole has grown to 40 by 40 feet wide and at least 30 feet deep.

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Now she says neighbors and the county are worried about whether the hole has stopped growing. Neighbors like Lou Daniels, who has caution tape all over his property, said they think it has stopped.

"It hasn't moved from where it was, so I'm happy with that," Lou said.

But, "if it rains, that could get bigger," Peggy added.

Sinkhole expert Dominick Sinopoli, who works for ground modification firm Keystone, Inc. said he agrees. "Driving rain and rain hitting the sidewalls of this hole, sand's gonna move, in which turn the hole's gonna get bigger," Sinopoli said.

He says the hole, which has already drawn crowds of onlookers, will have to be observed for a few days.

Part of that observation is going to be coming from the county. On Monday a contractor will be coming out to assess the situation and to see when it will be possible to get this hole filled in.


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