Support Pours In For Police Officer Seeking Kidney Donor

GREENSBORO, Ga. -- A picture changed the course of a local police officer's life.

In kidney failure, Raleigh Callaway finally decided to share his condition with friends and family with his daughter's help.

The message is simple, Our Daddy Needs a Kidney, but Raleigh Callaway has a hard time putting what the picture means to him in words.

"I just feel like God still has a plan for me," he said.

His little girls can't read the sign yet, and he doesn't want them to know their Daddy is so sick.

"They just mean so much to me, they're my heart," he said.

A lifelong diabetic, Raleigh's kidney's started declining 10 years ago, but he kept it to himself -- even his wife didn't know just how bad it was.

"There is not a better husband and father on this earth. He's hardworking, he's working now, right now, he is at work," said his wife, Kristi.

Through the doctor's appointments, and kidney failure, Raleigh kept working, both as a police officer, and mentor to young men and women in Greensboro, Ga. But when doctors told him he would need a transplant, he knew he needed support. That's why they made the picture.

"My cousin said, 'I had to do a double take when I saw it, I never would have known he was going through it,"' said Kristi.

Within hours of posting the picture, Kristi has thousands of likes and shares on Facebook, and a hundred strangers who were willing to be tested.

Overwhelmed by the outpouring of love, Kristi and the photographer who took the picture spend hours writing back to everyone who wants to help Raleigh.

"If there's anything that anyone needs that he can provide, he will. And now he needs," she said.

Now it's out of their hands, but Kristi and Raleigh truly believe the kindness of a stranger will save his life.

"I thank God," said Raleigh.

If you want to help the family, testing for the transplant is free. Raleigh's blood type is AB+, which means he can accept from any blood type. Doctors say gender and race do not matter, anyone could be a good match.

Photographer Brandy Angel took the pictures of the family. She donated her time and the photographs to help the family. Here is more information on the family and Brandy's photography:

Also, LIKE their Facebook page:


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