Post Office Finds Package But Still Doesn't Deliver It

GRAHAM, NC -- Doris Jones says she's sent dozens of little care packages to her grandkids around the country. And she made up a box like this with Starbucks cards, chips and candy for her granddaughter and stuck it in the mail in October.

"I put her address in this magic little phone. And in my phone it was 606, but it was actually 605," says Doris.

Doris Jones' mistake with the house number spelled trouble for her granddaughter's package. The post office marked it undeliverable, and the sophomore at the University of Arkansas never got.

"At that time the post office told us it was marked undeliverable and it was on its way to our return address so we thought no problem. We'll just wait for it," says Doris.

And wait and wait..and wait.

"Each time I check with the post office they can tell me exactly where the package is but for some reason it's never deliverable to me," says Doris.

From The University of Arkansas, the post office says the package went to Maryland and then to Greensboro. So close right? Wrong. The package was then shipped to New Jersey where it sits today. Doris says a postal worker has even snapped of photo of it.

"They did have it in their hands. They took a picture. So why didn't they get it to me? I just don't understand that," says Doris.

After the required waiting period of 30 days, Doris filed a claim. Priority mail comes with $50 insurance. The post office gave her a check for $42.80 - rather than the whole $50. She appealed and it sent her another $42.80 check for total of $85.60. The post office couldn't tell us why she got more than $50 but not the total amount she spent. Doris says she's not cashing either one.

"I don't want the money. I want the package," says Doris.

The post office tells us they're continuing to look for the package. And still hope to get it back to Doris. They say this problem does not live up to the standards they have set.

But a retired postal worker says missing labels are actually such a problem that we should all put a return address in the box too as back up.

Doris' ordeal can serve as a good lesson to all of us.

On the off-chance there's a problem, we can protect ourselves by purchasing insurance. But hang on to the receipts. You'll need to provide those if you have to file a claim.

"They did have it in their hands. They took a picture. So why didn't they get it to me? I just don't understand that," says Doris.


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