North Carolina's US Representatives Respond About Shutdown

GREENSBORO, N.C.(WFMY) -- As the shutdown continues in Washington, D.C., many of you are asking what areU.S. lawmakers from North Carolina doing to solve the problem on Capitol Hill.

WMFY News 2 spoke with Senator Kay Hagan and Representatives Virginia Foxx, Howard Coble and Mel Watt.

Senator Richard Burr has yet to return our repeated calls.

The lawmakers say they share your frustrations, but at the end of the day, no one is willing to take the blame.

"I feel just as frustrated, that's why this is so irresponsible," said U.S. Senator Kay Hagan. "The house, has the bill that the Senate has already passed, it is at reduced spending levels, so we've negotiated to that. Speaker Boehner needs to put that bill on the House floor."

"There's nothing to negotiate about," said District 12 Representative Mel Watt. "We've already compromised on the figure, a figure that I find ridiculously low for the next six weeks to try to give us time to work this out. I'm not sure what else I can compromise on, I'm not going to compromise on delaying healthcare reform."

"This whole situation has been generously laced with hypocrisy as far as I'm concerned, mainly on the part of the President and the administration," said District 6 Representative Howard Coble. "I think what he's doing is a day late and a dollar short. He should have met with leadership weeks ago."

"Republicans want a bipartisan solution to open our government and ensure that the American people get a fair deal under Obamacare," said District 5 Representative Virginia Foxx. "Right now, the American people are being treated unfairly by the President and by the Democrats."

When asked if they had a message for people who live in the Triad, they all responded.

"I'd tell them that I'm as frustrated and vexed about this as they are, but I can't find a way to move it forward," said Rep. Watt. "I cannot control what comes to the floor of the House of Representatives to be voted on, only the Republican leadership controls that."

"We're doing the best we can," said Rep. Coble. "It is my firm belief that most of the people in the district I represent are in favor of not closing down the government and they don't want any part of Obamacare. Well, of course, they're getting both of it now and it's compounded the problem."

"I just think this is irresponsible, I'm frustrated, I want to get these people back to work, they do great work and I need to be sure that the constituents have advocates on their behalf and they need to be in the office," said Sen. Hagan.

"I'm frustrated also, I share their frustrations," said Rep. Foxx. "I think of myself as a commonsense citizen who is very concerned that our country is basically in a shutdown mode right now from the federal government's perspective but I would say to them, do not lose faith in your country."

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