Breaking Down The N.C. Senate Race

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- On November 4th, your vote for our state's next Senator could help decide which party will control the senate.

Democrats need to defend seven senate seats in states that went Republican in 2012. Republicans only have one seat up for grabs in a state won by President Obama. Republicans needs to win six states to get control of the Senate.

Political analysts say three of those races in West Virginia, South Dakota, and Montana are most likely in the bag for the GOP. They only need another three wins in a handful of battleground states. North Carolina being one of them.

The race between incumbent senator Kay Hagan and House Speaker Thom Tillis is a tight one. They're basically neck and neck in current polls. Elon University Pollster, Jason Husser stopped by to break down where each one stands on key issues.

Husser says, "if Republicans take the Senate, some GOP senators will try to push back against the tax increases we saw after the fiscal cliff. Tillis will likely take an approach regarding budget issues that emphasizing spending cuts. Hagan, on the other hand, will likely emphasize an approach based on revenue and spending."

When it comes to health care and the Affordable Care Act reaction is still mixed in the state. "Hagan [will need to] frame the quote, "If you like your plan you can keep it" in a more positive light. Perhaps through an anecdote about people who received treatment under the ACA. Tillis will likely point out the negatives of the ACA, especially its role out and suggest negative effects on N.C. businesses."


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