Triad Stage Cleans Up Mysterious Water Leak Damage

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- No matter what, the "show must go on."

That's true for Triad Stage in Greensboro after a water leak left a mess in their lower lobby and basement of the building. Megan Mabry with Triad Stage says a steady stream of water started coming in through the cracks in the floor. She says the water started on Thursday. The City of Greensboro has been trying to find out since Saturday the source of the water leak with no luck.

Jason Bogden, Business Manager, said city workers have done a number of tests to try to determine the leak, "They have done a few dye tests, they have turned off the main lines on both Elm and Washington, to see if that caused it, they did a smoke test. They are sort of going through theory by theory trying to figure out what might be causing the water to be coming into the building."

Bogden says they've already ripped up carpeting to prevent mold. They've also purchased mats to make safe walkways for both the actors and visitors. Right now since they don't know the source of the leak they're not sure about what repairs are needed.

"We know that there are some baseboards, plaster, drywall that will need to be taken care of but we are really waiting until we've stopped the leak and know the cause for it before we sort of dive into what work needs to be done."

As of Monday Triad Stage has pumped out 650 gallons of water out of the lower lobby. They're glad it has not damaged the stage or seating area.

The regularly scheduled performances of 'Pump Boys and Dinettes' will continue Tuesday night.


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