American Tennis Player Warned For Saying 'Son of a Biscuit'

In a perfect world, American tennis player Donald Young wouldn't have said anything after netting a backhand during his first-round match at the Sarasota challenger. But of all the things he could have said and of all the ways he could have said them, quietly exclaiming "son of a biscuit" to himself was the least offensive route. Young didn't curse or yell. He didn't throw a racket. He didn't take it out on the ballkids. He handled himself well. The chair umpire disagreed.

For some reason, Young, the former world junior No. 1 and current No. 81 on the ATP rankings, was assessed a warning for his G-rated interjection. If anything, his PG-rated reaction to that G-rated warning was worse, though still a far cry from some of the stuff that gets by chair umpires. What's Young supposed to do, take a vow of silence during matches?

Now, we don't know what happened prior to this moment. Maybe Young was on the cusp of a warning all day for other exclamations and this put him over the top. If that happened, there's no online record of it. And even if it did, a warning for using a third-grader's cover-up for actual cursing is a tad much.

Young went out to defeat Alexander Zverev, a 16-year-old qualifier, and will face Zverev's brother, Mischa, in the next round. Pro tip for DY: If you miss a first serve, don't say "sugar" afterward.


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