Homeowner Wants Repayment After Police Raid Wrong Home

ATLANTA -- Police admit they broke down the door of the wrong house while trying to search for rape suspects. Months later, the 87-year-old homeowner says she still hasn't been paid for the damages.

Mattie Walker said she's lived in the home in a west Atlanta neighborhood for more than 50 years. She said she's always followed the law, and that's why she was surprised when police kicked in the door in late May to serve a search warrant.

"I've got nothing to hide," Walker said. "I'm a law-abiding citizen."

Walker wasn't home at the time.

Police say they were investigating an alleged sexual assault, which the victim told investigators that the assault happened at Walker's home.

The Atlanta Police Department released a statement saying, "Clearly we take such allegations seriously and have an obligation to investigate them thoroughly."

Acknowledging that police made a mistake, the statement continues, "They determined on scene there was no evidence to support the allegations of an assault in that residence. The case was later closed."

Walker believes police could have done a more thorough investigation before knocking down her door. Now, she simply wants to be repaid for the damage they caused.

"They can come here and tear up my door, the least they can come up and bring me the money for me paying for me," Walker said. "I had to get somebody to fix my door."

Walker's family has filled out the paperwork for her to be repaid. Nearly three months later, police tell 11Alive that that paperwork is still being processed.


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