Man Takes The Selfie To The Next Level By Way Of Toast

St. Johnsbury, VT-- There's a reason the word "selfie" was added to the Oxford Dictionary-- almost everyone takes them and even if they don't, almost everyone knows what they are.

There is one man who's taking the self-photos to a whole new toasty level. Galen Dively is a self-proclaimed slacker Deadhead.

Touring around following the Grateful Dead means you have to be resourceful, after all, you still have to pay for gas to get to all the shows. So in order to make some bread, he knew he had to come up with an idea and that's when it popped into his head.

"Wow, we can get a photograph on toast," Dively said.

They are custom selfie toasters.

The phenomenon of selfies has established itself as a form of self-expression around the globe and now you can eat your own face for breakfast.

"It's never happened before; it's brand new and it's unique and it's you on toast," said Dively.

Oh Lord! In fact, that's who he started with-- Jesus! And then he thought, why shouldn't everyone get to worship themselves through toast?

So pucker up, show those pearly whites and upload your favorite selfie. Then, Dively and his crew at the Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation use Photoshop and a CNC plasma cutter to transfer your image onto a metal plate. The plate gets fitted into the appliance and voila, you're toast! All for just $75.

"It looks like you, after a night of drinking," said Dively.

I think it's time to get the jam out...

Either way, just like the selfie craze, the toasters are hot and sales are smoking! Dively has been featured on everything from the Today Show to Fox, CNN and countless websites and blogs.

"I could have counted the selfie toasters I sold 10 days ago on two hands, since then we've had over 400 orders come in," Dively tells CBS affiliate WCAX TV

He can hardly keep up.

"Anybody out there that hasn't got your toaster yet we're working on it and you'll get it I promise you," said Dively.

Dively is serving up a slice of narcissism with your daily bread


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