'Pass Out' Pages A Growing Trend Online

Social media users are making light of binge drinking, and it's raising questions among critics.

A trend of 'Pass Out' pages is growing on Twitter. The pages highlight and celebrate people who pass out while apparently drunk.

Many of the pages are from college students, and in some cases, users have reported seeing high school aged students in photos.

Twitter could not comment on the pages but did warn that, once the photos are on the site, it will be hard for students to get them removed; important information for students looking for work soon.

Also important is the person's safety.

An unconscious person could be in more trouble than they appear. According to the Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, an unconscious reveler could be suffering from an alcohol overdose, or worse, alcohol poisoning. Alcohol poisoning happens when areas of the brain that control basic life functions start to fail.

So, instead of taking and posting photos, the IAAA recommends checking for signs of alcohol poisoning. If you see someone having trouble staying awake, breathing or suffering from frequent vomiting, call for help immediately.

The IAAA says you should avoid making the person walk or giving them a cold shower or coffee to fix the problem. And, never assume the person will 'sleep it off.'


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