Principal Throws Flag, Ends NFL Style "Prom Draft"

With the real NFL Draft a day away, a Principal in southern California has disqualified a tradition called "prom draft" at a high school. The alleged draft involves male students ranking female students and then selecting a date from the pool.

According to the Orange County Register, Corona del Mar High Principal Kathy Scott sent parents an email about the NFL-style draft over the weekend. The long-standing tradition is not affiliated with the school and has operated mostly in secrecy, the paper said.

Male students draw draft picks in a lottery but can pay to improve their draft number so they can pick the date of their choice.

Scott says it's not acceptable to objectify students.

Students had been posting on Twitter about the draft for the June 7 prom, but the posts have been removed.

Over the weekend, Scott sent parents an email after hearing some parents had been contacted by the Register about the draft.

"I am sure that the intention of this 'draft' is not to be harmful, but it may be," Scott wrote. "It is not OK for any student to be objectified or judged in any way."

Parents have written to the Register saying the prom draft is not intended to rank young women and is just a way for groups of friends to sort out their prom plans. They also say that girls are free to turn down offers if they are drafted.

Scott discouraged the activity in her email to parents, saying, "This is not behavior that is consistent with our school's outstanding reputation."

"I urge you to talk with your student(s) and discuss the seriousness of this type of activity," she wrote. "Prom is an important event in the lives of our students and I would hate to have to cancel it or any other important student related activity due to the negative actions of a few."


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