Northern Guilford Nighthawks Owe Success To More Than Football

6:53 PM, Dec 7, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Three state football championships in a row is a remarkable accomplishment for any high school. It's even more impressive when you consider the Triad school that just pulled that off has only been open for five years.

The Northern Guilford Nighthawks have found fast success.

Their offense is precise.

Their defense is punishing.

Their special teams takes advantage of every mistake.

But you won't find what made them so dangerous in any playbook.

"It's all about the camaraderie we have together," Rory Bergen, a senior cornerback, said. "It's not so much about winning. Winning helps, for sure. But just how well we all work together -- that's the real important part."

Not surprisingly, senior center Trevor McKee agrees.

"You don't have to second-guess yourself," he said. "You always trust the person who's right there with you. ... And that really means a lot that my brother's got my back beside me."

These teenagers don't just talk about trust and brotherhood. They live it in a way that excites their classmates and impresses their coaches.

"It's a very, very tight group of players," Brian Thomas, the school's athletic director, said. "They love what they're doing. And they trust -- wholeheartedly trust -- the individuals to the left and right of them."

The football team's seniors have certainly had time to build those relationships. They've played together for years.

"Since the seventh grade," McKee said.

And they've been winning together longer than their high school's even been around.

"They're my boys," star senior running back TJ Logan said of his teammates. "We've been together since middle school, so it's like a family -- a brotherhood."

The Nighthawks say those relationships made football easier. They also made playing their last game together even harder.

"It's a little sad knowing you're not going to be able to step on the field with these boys again," Bergen said. "But there's no better way than to go out on a win."

Few things ever are as good as they seem. But at Northern, you just get the feeling it's all real.

"We're making it sound like this perfect place," Thomas said. "And it really feels like that."


Source: WFMY News 2



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