Chris Olsen Shows How To To Harmonize Home Accessories

8:19 AM, Feb 16, 2013   |    comments
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Chris Olsen's commentary:

"You know life is not always about Symmetry it's also about Balance - in anything you do.
Especially when it comes to decorating whether it's inside or outside. Let's look at this room. Look at the mantle. We have two identical shields on the fireplace mantle. They must have come from an old building at one time - but they look really cool. Then on both sides of the fireplace we still have our theme of symmetry.

We have two identical lamps with two identical tables. But if you look at both opposing walls on the sides of
this room - we have this over-size grand cabinet. It's pre-lit so we can see everything that is inside these dark cavities. It's beautiful - but the exact opposite of this cabinet is we have balance, not symmetry. We have two over-sized windows which are floor to ceiling so it lets in lots of light. We have this great collection of lighting rods which are in front of the windows - which look good from inside and out. Then between the windows we have this great wooden chest which is very heavy with a heavy marble lamp and other accessories.

So now both sides of the room are balanced. You get that? It's not symmetry it's more about balance. It's the same thing on both sides of a front door outside. You don't have to have two identical pots - you can have one extra large pot on one side and one large or medium size pot on the other side. Now we have a visual balance.

So next time do something a little more unique when you are decorating and don't have the same old same old identical items - it's all about weight. You're watching Today's Home and I'm Chris Olsen."

Chris Olsen

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