Liz Crawford Tackles The 'No Fun League'

Liz Crawford Tackles "No Fun League" as the NFL cracks down on excessive celebration.

WFMY News 2 Sports Anchor Liz Crawford offered her view on excessive celebration versus excessive censorship by the NFL when it comes to touchdown dances.

The Panthers were flagged Sunday for excessive celebration during the 49ers game.
The dance by Kelvin Benjamin was fine. The mistake was bringing in Devin Funchess followed by Cam Newton for back-up moves. I think the penalty seems a little excessive.

Here's what I call unsportsmanlike and excessive- the Steelers' Antonio Brown hip thrusting and twerking after a touchdown in Week 1. The referees threw the flag, as they should. The Steelers were penalized.

The Panthers weren't hip thrusting, they were hardly dancing. It was more like a stiff arm combined with a palm thrust. But the rule says two is one too many.

Two or more players engaging in a premeditated or choreographed dance will be flagged.

The whole game is choreographed, is it not?

I know it can't be a free for all out there...but can't we have a little fun?

Trust me, the league doesn't want these guys acting like soldiers...where's the entertainment in that? Where's the money in that?

The fans love the celebrations, crave the personalities, and embrace the dance moves.

Nobody wants to see the "no fun league" this early in the season.



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