Formica's Quick Take: Manziel Will Go To MY Team

Mocks drafts are awesome. They're just awesome. It's plain and simple.

Why wouldn't we love to read, hours on end, predictions that have no real basis to be true?

But we love them anyway. We sit back and dream "What if my team drafted Johnny Manziel?"

Johnny Football to your team? Dream on friends.

Unless you're one of the six Browns fans out there, or maybe the lone member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneer faithful, your chances are slim at seeing one of the most exciting, cocky football players we've ever witnessed.

But that's not fun to say. That's not what Mock Drafts are about! We'll cruise the internet for days just to find that one website with that one mock draft sending J-Man to your squad.

So start the Johnny Football congo line Jaguars, Rams, Vikings, Cowboys, Raiders, Texans, Titans, Eagles, Cardinals, Jets, and Patriots fans (that's the order has for those who have the best chances at drafting Manziel).

Or we could take to social media, and analyze that.

Johnny Manziel in a picture with Dez Bryant? What does it mean? Does it mean the Cowboys are the front runner? Does it mean Johnny Football wants to stay in Texas?

But don't go by the percentages, don't be a Debby Downer, be a dreamer. Be a hopeful. Pre-order that jersey.

Be careful what you wish for? Never! Tell yourself whatever lies: Mobile quarterbacks ALWAYS work. Mobile quarterbacks have long careers. Team chemistry? That's just something they talk about.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not mocking the mock drafts. There are those who get paid very well to do their research, and know what they're talking about.

But so do you! You know that maybe, just maybe, your team could make the playoffs with Johnny Manziel. No...THE SUPER BOWL! In his first year!

That will be his best, as defenses are trying to figure him out.

You've done the Wikipedia search, you're an expert.

You know his major was Sports Management, and your team plays football...he'd be the perfect fit.

He was born in 1992, the year your first car was made. It's fate.

Manziel has been largely compared to Brett Favre, and you wear Wrangler Jeans. It's a match made it denim heaven.

Have I digressed? Not a chance. You're with me!

You know that the "Johnny Manziel" player you created in Madden '09 beat every team (when on the Rookie Mode).

You know best. Think I'm mocking the fans? Not a chance. I'm right there with you.

When I saw that my Philadelphia Eagles had a seven-percent chance at getting Johnny Manziel. I sat back, stared off into my cubicle and thought..."What if."

I bought the NCAA Football '14, and yes, I played a season as Texas A&M. I'm guilty. Just as guilty as you are.

But at least we can dream. At least this draft, we're not saying "Oh my goodness, I sure hope we draft a nose tackle."

No. This draft will be exciting, this draft will be different.

Because every team...has a chance.

And remember, there's always Jadeveon Clowney.


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