BLOG: #PanthersOn2 Fan Zone With ‘Carrie The Cardiac Cat Fan'

Put it down as a 'W' for the PANTHERS!!!!! What a win in Charlotte as the Panthers come out on top 46-27 against the 49ers. 

4:43 - Panthers FG G-O-O-D!!!! Panthers 46-27 against 49ers.

4:36 - Oh.... that INTERCEPTION! Let's gooooo PANTHERS! 

4:31 - Funchess with the TD! I just let out a Panthers roar! Panthers lead 43-27. Cue the "Sweet Caroline" music! 

4:26 - Where did he come from?!?! Luuuuukkkkeeee out of nowhere with the interception! Boom baby! Boom! 

4:23 - Another FG for the Panthers who lead 37-27 against the 49ers.

4:19 - It's about that time when my heart starts to pound. Yea Olsen, yea! 

4:17 - And that's how you do it Benjamin. N-I-C-E catch. Way to pick up 27 yards. 

4:14 - Ain't going to lie I feel a nap coming on (see game day ritual below!) 

4:11 - Come on somebody, anybody STOP him. Are you kidding me? Did that just happen?!? 49ers with the TD & extra point. Panthers lead barely 34-27. 

4:07 - Gano with FG. Panthers lead 34-20 

4:03 - I like that there spin move Tolbert! 

3:58 - Run it boy! Run! Ginn Jr. makes up for it with a 57 yard return.

3:55 - Well.... then 49ers get the extra point after the TD. Panthers lead 31-20.

3:53 - I left the room for one second and the Panthers fumble the kickoff and the 49ers score a touchdown?!?! Explain yourselves Panthers! Explain yourselves! 

J3:49 - 49ers for the field goal. Panthers lead 31-13. 

3:46 - SMH - Panthers fumble the ball. 

3:41 - Cam with the run for the FIRST DOWN! 

3:38 - The Panthers defense forces the 49ers to punt. 

3:33 - Bring em' down, bring em' down! 

3:29 - And Benjamin for the touchdown!!!! Oh come on ref with the over celebration! Hey - I liked their coordinated dance moves. Panthers lead 31-10 against the 49ers. 

3:27 - LET ME HEAR YOU R-O-A-R!!!

3:25 - Ruling on the field stands as Ginn Jr. holds the ball! 

3:19 - Worley with the defensive pressure. 

3:11 - Panthers make it into the end zone for a touchdown! Panthers lead 23-10 against 49ers. Gooooooo CATS! Cats get the extra point for 24-10.

3:09 - Wow! And Benjamin picks up 25 yards! What a throw by cam. 

3:04 - Stewart won't return to the game after an injury.  

2:58 - Oh, we're back in action after the half. 

2:40 - Panthers field goal good! Panthers lead 17-10 against the 49ers. 

2:25 - Let's see what Cam can do with a 2 min offense! 

2:16 - Panthers punt the ball away. 

2:01 - Whoah!!!! Oh Cam with that throw for the 78 yard touchdown!!!!!!! Run it in, run it in! Olsen with that TD! Panthers take the lead 14-10. Boom baby Boom!!!

1:57 - Nooooooooo.... 49ers with the touchdown. The 49ers take the lead 10-7. 

1:55 - Come on Panthers SHUT IT DOWN! 

1:54 - Luuuuuuukkkkkkkeeeeeeee! 

1:52 - Just how I like my Sundays -- F-O-O-T-B-A-L-L!!

1:49 - Panthers fumble the ball. Come on guys hold onto that ball!!! 

1:40 - When that #33 comes for ya better watch yourself! Tre Boston for ya! 

1:34 - STOP those 49ers!!!

1:29 -  Did you just see that?!?!?! Fumble for the touchdown!!!! Goooooo Cats!!!!! Panthers take the lead 7-3 thanks to the defense!! Woot woot! 

1:19 - I don't care what they say that should have been a touchdown!

1:16 - Panthers pick up the first down! 

1:15 - Newton connects with Brown for the first down! 

1:14 - Stewart gets some tough yards for the first down! 

1:13 - Let's see if Cam can work his magic! 

1:10 - 49ers get on the board with the field goal 3-0 

1:05 - Cam Newton with the tip for the interception! 


Hey, Y’all! It’s Game Day and you’ve come to the right place for the #PanthersOn2 Fan Zone with “Carrie The Cardiac Cat Fan.”

Why I Go By "Carrie The Cardiac Cat Fan"

I go by "Carrie The Cardiac Cat Fan" because when the Carolina Panthers play my heart pounds out of my chest, my hands get sweaty, I suddenly feel like I can't breathe, my knees knock, wobble and all at the same time. I get so nervous at times I cover my eyes. I scream out words and sometimes get lightheaded. 

Second Panthers Blog 

This is the second entry of our station's Panthers Blog. Various personalities from around the WFMY News 2 Information Center will chime in with opinions and insight, photos, videos and other exciting content throughout the season. We want to hear from you so make sure you reach out and comment. We want to know your thoughts on players, coaches, games, or anything Panthers-related. Show us your fandom! 

We'll be live on Sunday blogging about all things Panthers! 

Keep reading for Game day predictions, and my rise to being a true blue Panthers fan. 

Check It Out: #PanthersOn2 Fan Zone Blog 

Up Close Panthers

The Panthers will open its 2016 regular season at home on Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers. The Panthers are coming off a loss in the season opener 21-20 defeat against the Denver Broncos. The 49ers enter this one coming off of a 28-0 defeat against the Los Angeles Rams. The Panthers are meeting the 49ers for the 20th time in history. They have met twice a year from 1995-2001 as members of the NFC West division but have just met four times since 2001. The Panthers lead the all-time series 11-8.

Carrie The Cardiac Cat Fan Zone

I’ll just be honest on game day my Facebook page turns into this.

I ride out the game on the couch wearing a Carolina Panthers shirt, hat and covering up with the cat’s blanket! After all, it’s a tradition (okay, more like a ritual), but one that’s proven to turn the Panthers into a lean mean hitting machine.

I was born and raised in High Point, North Carolina. For years, I was like a lost bandwagon NFL fan, but not by choice. I cheered for (and don’t hate) the Cowboys, because in those days it was all about Troy Aikman. Then it was all cheers (and this really hurts to admit) for the Falcons. But then that fateful day of October 26, 1993, came and it forever changed my life. I’ve been covered in blue and cheering for my ‘Cardiac Cats’ ever since. I’ve stuck by their side and will until the day I die (and okay, even after death).

I’ve already confessed to the fan gear, but there is another ritual I must confess that I know for a fact carried the Panthers through the season last year. Every single time the Panthers started to lose a game I would take a nap on the couch, and wake up to -- wait for it -- game winning touchdowns. BOOM!


I’m a Digital Producer here at WFMY News 2. This has given me an unbelievable opportunity to interact with fans and share in game day fun like no other.

I remember the many trips last year to Panthers’ Stadium. 

I ate your barbecue and tailgated with one of the biggest fans and grills I have EVER seen.

I’ve also stood with you at the porta potti and talked football. I’ve met lots of fans including this guy who impressed me with his light up Panthers attire. 

Funny thing, I’ve never actually been to a game to watch as a fan, but I have stepped foot onto the gridiron. 


I’ve gathered handfuls of confetti after that big win that sent the Panthers to Super Bowl 50.

I stood with my heart beating out of my chest as you cheered and sang “Sweet Caroline” rushing out of Panthers Stadium after the NFC Championship win against the Cardinals. 

I got to be a part of Panthers football history with the celebration send-off party to Super Bowl 50. 


I’ve waited in line with fans for hours to get a glimpse of the Panthers players coming off the bus after Super Bowl 50.

 Game Two Prediction 

49ers vs. Panthers - We're at home baby at home! I'm standing by my Panthers on this one. I feel this is going to be a 'W' for my guys. The stakes rise once you enter that BOA Stadium. I think Cam is going to show us he's new touchdown dance and it will be EPIC! I'm standing by the boys in white and blue with a Final score of 28-24 against the 49ers. I also don't think Colin Kaepernick will stand for the anthem. 

Game One Prediction

Prediction: I have high hopes for the Panthers this season. Do I think we’ll make it back to the Super Bowl? Well, let’s just say we’ll have to wait to see how that turns out. I do think the Panthers have something to prove tonight against the Broncos because the SB 50 loss still stings. I just want to see the Panthers hold on to that ball tonight. We’ve got to see more consistency, I think, from Cam with throwing the ball. I’m in fear of seeing a repeat of SB 50 when we just kept seeing that ball bounce on the gridiron. I’m betting on both of these teams coming out of the tunnel fired up for a rematch in this season opener. I think we’re going to see a really great and close game tonight. After all, they don’t call it them the Cardiac Cats for nothing. My Week 1 pick is Panthers 24, Broncos 16. Game on! 

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