Greensboro, NC - What started as a hobby nine years ago has turned into a seven day a week business.

Wendy Hayton, owner of Chocolate Pops, began making treats for her children's teachers. The teachers loved the desserts so much that they soon began to ask for more to give as gifts themselves.

Her vision really did not take place until one Christmas. "The first Christmas I set a goal for myself that I thought was kind of silly and I thought I am going to try and pay for all of our Christmas presents with candy money. I hit it and blew it out of the water and I thought I might really have something here."

In October of 2008 she opened up her retail store on North Church street in Greensboro. One of her best sellers, chocolate covered popcorn, but she has made everything from chocolate IPods to chocolate ears and noses for an ear, nose, and throat doctor.

Store location: 2913 - C North Church St. Greensboro, NC 27405