A former orthodontist makes a major career change later in life. The avid pimento cheese lover is now the owner of a pimento cheese business that ships to hundreds of stores across the country


GREENSBORO, N.C-- Cheryl Barnett, a former orthodontist, is making customers smile with her gourmet pimento cheese.

Her company, My Three Sons, makes thousands of containers of pimento cheese every week at its facility in Northeast Greensboro. The all natural pimento cheese is available in three flavors: Fire Roasted Jalapeno, Spicy White Cheddar and Emmy's Original. The original flavor is named after the mother of Barnett's best friend.

"I started eating her pimento cheese when I was 11 or 12. I just ate it and ate it and loved it, " explained Barnett.

Making pimento cheese is Barnett's second career. She was an orthodontist for 14 years, but retired because of back problems.

Her life changed, but not her passion for pimento cheese.

Her three sons encouraged her to start the business, hence the name of the company. "I would always 100% jokingly tell people one day, I was going to open a pimento cheese factory. It has blown my mind I actually do now, " said Barnett.

My Three sons has grown considerably in its three and a half years in business. The pimento cheese can now be found in hundreds of stores. "In the blink of an eye, it went from two stores to 30 stores. Then in six months, we went to 300 stores. That's fast, that's a lot of pimento cheese!"

Her recipes are highly prized. Only two people know the exact ingredients, including Barnett.. But she will tell you what makes the perfect pimento cheese.

"For pimento cheese, true pimento cheese you have to use extra sharp cheddar cheese, you have to not put so much mayo. That's what makes it so special."

My Three Sons is branching out. It's now offering snack packs on the go, which include pimento cheese and pita chips. The snack packs are being tested right now at Racetrack gas stations in the Atlanta area.

In the Triad, customers can buy My Three Sons pimento cheese at Harris Teeter, Whole Foods, The Fresh Market and Lowes Foods grocery stores.

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