Each day vote for your favorite product in our 2 Test bracket and we'll test the winner live on Friday at 5:30.


GREENSBORO, NC -- What happens when the 2 Test and bracket week collide? You get the 2 Test bracket - filled with eight products. During the next four days - you get to decide which product wins each bracket and the champ will be put to the 2 Test live this Friday. So here are your choices:

EZ Sliders: Easily slide furniture on both hardwood or carpeted floors with these convenient sliders. $19.99

Stonewave Microwave Cooker: Cook delicious, gourmet foods in your microwave. $9.99

Infiniti Conair Pro Curl Secret: The revolutionary new way to make beautiful curls in seconds. $99.99

The Stufz™ Stuffed Burger Maker: Make stuffed burgers just like a pro chef. $9.99

Perfect Bacon Bowl: The easy way to edible bowls out of bacon. $10.99

Hot Huez Hair Chalk: Just press, slide and color for temporary eye-catching highlights. $9.99

Hot Designs 2-in-! Nail Art Pen: unique pen features a nail polisher on one side and a nail art pen on the other that lets you create amazing designs. $14.99

Trusty Cane: Stands up on it's own, folds up and grips the ground.

Round one:Tweet us your winners @2wtk or email us 2wtk-at-wfmy-dot-com

Round 2 is tomorrow!

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