ONTARIO (WKYC) -- Ontario police say a Mansfield woman has been served a summons for a charge of petty theft in connection with a toy taken from a child's grave that was captured on surveillance video.

Police say the woman, Frieda Kay Shade, 54, of Mansfield came to the police department on Wednesday night and offered an explanation. Shade told police that she witnessed a dog running loose on the property where the child's grave was located and she took the toy to prevent the dog from destroying it.

Shade has retained a lawyer and is scheduled to appear in Ontario Mayor's Court on May 15.

Ontario police were flooded with tips and calls after they posted video on Facebook showing the stuffed duck toy being removed from the grave of 14-month-old Hayden "Tank" Cole Sheridan.

Police say the video was recorded on April 19.

"Tank" died in 2007 and his parents had placed the toy there for Easter. His parents have been talking to police since 2012 after other items left at the grave were also taken. Police put up the hidden camera as part of their investigation.

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