A 2 Wants To Know viewer wanted to find out for herself if mechanics were doing her oil change correctly or if they were skipping certain steps. What she found surprised us and led us to question the local garage and in the end, test 10 garages in our area.

Sharon Anderson is no mechanic but she knows how to make sure the person working on her car does their job. "I was told by a lady from Autozone or Advance Auto to mark any part you are going to get worked on or replaced."

Sharon took her car to the shop she's used for years, Taylor's Discount Tire in Greensboro and paid for an oil change. When she checked for her mark...it was still there!

"I was very disappointed because Taylor's is a place I've been going to for a few years. I went back to them and pointed out the nail polish."

"Understanding we all make mistakes, and we have the ability to go back and check instead of getting on the defensive and we check, " says Tim McClure of Taylor's Discount Tire. With 30 cameras at Taylor's he can find out what really happened.

But these videos are only kept for 3 weeks. So by the time 2WTK got involved the videos were gone. This is how Tim explains what happened. "He was in the middle of the oil change, got called to unload a truck, dropped the car, backed it out and never touched the oil filter."

"Honest Mistake?," we asked. "Honest mistake, " answered Tim. "Human error, but not forgivable. We tried to do the right thing. we called Miss Anderson and said we will redo it for free."

"He showed me the cameras and told me they watch everything, " says Sharon, "so I trusted them all over again and everything was wiped clean, clean slate and I took my car back."

Another trip to Taylor's and another oil change and..."C'mon ya'll get it together!"

We asked, "What are the chanced that happens again?" Tim's answer was "slim and none, yet it happened to Miss Anderson twice and with the same person doing the oil change."

Sharon says, "I think sometimes we get lazy with our jobs and we don't think people are watching us."

Tim makes no excuses. "It is terrible customer service and then I have to talk to you. There's no gain to it!"

Sharon was willing to give Taylor's a third try. This time, Taylor's had the video. If you look closely you can see the old filter is out and another worker brings the new filter to be put in. And what about the worker who didn't change the filters...twice?

"A lot of people think we should have fired him. We're a family business. He's been here for a long time, he made two huge mistakes that are not forgivable so he no longer works by himself. He has a family to provide for and we feel an obligation to him," explains Tim.

Sharon told us she didn't want the guy fired either she just wanted changes to be made. This story hit really close to home. WFMY News 2 uses Taylor's Discount Tire to service several of our vehicles. Many of us take our personal cars there.

But even with that, 2WTK felt like we had an obligation to viewers to see if this was an isolated incident. So we marked the oil filters of a bunch of cars and tested Taylor's Discount Tire and nine other garages around town. See what happened Wednesday night at 11pm.