GREENSBORO, NC -- This week, 2WTK is focused on organizing, cleaning out and cutting costs. One of the many topics being tackled is re-soling your shoes.

Mike Ziglar of A to Z Shoe Repair says his shop works on 70 to 80 pairs a week. That's a lot of sewing, stapling and smoothing.

"The good leather shoes are the best to resole." Mike says it is cost effective to resole a shoe when it doesn't exceed the cost of the shoe.

But he also says, "we do have a lot of customers that just love a shoe and don't care how much it costs to fix. They want to wear it again because it's broken in, fit to their foot and that's the way they want it.

A full re-sole and new heel on man's shoe is about $48, a half sole is $42. Women get a break! A typical high heel fix is between $10 and $16 dollars. "You really want to get them done before they get down to the nail point in the high heels."

The sole purpose of taking your shoe here is to keep the shoes you love in good condition. Mike says the typical time frame is every 6 months. But if you choose to dig your heels in and not spend the money that often, Mike says the least you can do is, "keep it conditioned, shined, it keeps it lubricated just like oil does a car. It will last a whole lot longer."

And when it comes to stinky shoes there is a fix for that too! The shop has a spray and if that isn't enough they can replace your insoles.


Mike says most people don't know about a sole cover. "we put a protective sole on your sole. It keeps you from wearing into your leather sole. It saves the longevity of the shoe so we never have to get into the leather part of the shoe and these are less expensive to do than replace the whole leather part on the boot. It typically runs $14-16.