GREENSBORO, NC -- If you've never had to go to court, even for a speeding ticket or an expired inspection sticker, you're one o of the few. Attorney Michael Wells of Wells Jenkins Law says a court date is nothing to miss.

"Missing court is a very serious thing. It isn't like missing a normal appointment. And rescheduling doesn't always happen."

If it is a failure to appear, a lawyer can possibly get it back on the court calendar. But missing court can result in an arrest and jail time. If the fine was paid, then a Motion for Appropriate Relief May be filed in order to reopen the case and possibly get a more favorable disposition.

"A failure to appear is very serious even in the traffic court setting. Depending upon the seriousness of the driving offense, a warrant for the person's arrest may be entered. If the offense isn't as serious, then a $250 fine will be imposed. If it is only a few days, you can hire a lawyer to talk with the DA about dropping the fine and the failure to appear. But this is at the discretion of the DA."

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