GREENSBORO, NC -- It's "Bracket week" on 2WTK. But it's more than the ACC tournament and sports, we're talking safety.

Take a look at my super cute nephew Zeke. He's a climber. Lots of kids are. And the stove can tip over. Here's how to tell if your stove has an anti-tip bracket already and if not, the easy $10 fix.

"Be careful not to grab your stove from the top, " says Scott Dampier of House Masters. "Many people will grab it right behind the control panel and tip it which can break the control unit. "

If yours tips (like mine did) an anti-tip bracket will fix it. You mount on the bracket on the floor on the back wall and the the legs of the stove will slide into it and that keeps the range from tipping over. You can buy the anti-tip kit at any local hardware store.

It's not just the stove, anything 48 inches or higher should be anchored to the wall. That's your bookcases, tall dressers--especially in the kid's rooms. When asked about anchoring furniture, Scott said the biggest issue is people don't put the brackets in the right place.

"This portion goes into the drywall of the wall with a zip tie and this small part needs to be mounted to the small part of the furniture. You need to look for the rails or the framing so the screws are secure in the full framing and not just the back panel."

Don't forget about you TV. Yes, the newer TV's are mounted on the wall. But that means you put the old TV's in a guest room, playroom or basement. The Consumer Product Safety Commission says those old TV's accounted for 43,000 injuries in 2012 due to tip-overs. So remember to secure your TV as well.

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