This 2 test features the magic tap... a product that promises no more spills --whether it's kids or adults doing the pouring.

ATLANTA -- Kids love to drink juice, but sometimes the big bulky bottles make it difficult for them to pour their own cups.

Theresa, a mother of three, knows a thing or two about that when it comes to her own kids.

"They don't touch the larger bottles. There's no way they could pour those larger bottles without making a mess," she said. "I know because I've seen them make a mess many times."

The Magic Tap, a so-called spill-free automatic drink dispenser, claims to be the solution.

"I'd love to see it work," Theresa said. "I saw it, I was interested in it, but I probably would have never went out and purchased it, so I'd like to give it a try."

First, Theresa's 3 year old pours a bottle -- with a little help, of course.

Then he tried the Magic Tap. It was super easy for him to use, but he treated it like a toy.

"I would say if you have a lot of children, I would not get this. You're just asking for a spill," Theresa said.

However, for older children, Theresa thought it was a great idea. She gave the Magic Tap two thumbs up.

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