GREENSBORO, N.C. - It's like a badge of honor. People tweet, Facebook and wear their "I voted stickers". But it appears hundreds of people dis-honored the voting process and committed voter fraud. The State Board of Elections found 35,750 voters with the same name and date of birth voted in more than one state during the 2012 general election. Of course more than one person could have the same name and birthday. So the state refined the data. They found 765 voters had the same name, birthday and last four digits of their social security number.

State elections workers are now literally pulling the paper voter registration applications to compare signatures. They hope that'll help them tell if the same person voted twice. If they did, that's a crime. The process will take a while. In fact I asked state leaders for a timeline. They didn't have one.

We are just finding out about this now because of last year's Voter ID law. The law let North Carolina share voter information with 27 other states for the first time. When they shared the information, that's when they discovered these potential fraud cases.

While state workers try to figure out if some kind of fraud happened, we wanted to know what could be done to stop double voting in the future. 2 Wants To Know talked with Charlie Collicutt, head of the Guilford County Board of Elections.

"There is no national database of voters. We don't' have an automatic data sharing with the other 49 states," he said. "What we would rely on is one the voter either volunteering that they are registered in North Carolina when they go to register somewhere else. Or when they register here they disclose I was registered in another state."

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