GREENSBORO, NC -- It's maintenance week on 2 Wants To Know.

Wesley Adams with Adams Home Maintenance says we could all save ourselves frustration and money if, "we just inspect our homes. The sun and moist weather does damage."

The most common maintenance issues on his list that we could easily see if we took more time to pay attention: clogged up gutters that cause water back up in the attic, caulking that is separating allowing water to get in, and roof vent pipe boots that are cracked leading to leaks.

Don't know what a roof vent pipe boot looks like? Read on. Wesley says most of us have at least 2 on our home and often times 3.

"The roof vent pipe boots deteriorates and water can come inside and cause rot and mold issues. Boots can deteriorate within 6 years."

The roof boot part costs $6, but you we need it replaced, you're looking at a standard charge of $150. Wesley says usually the 2nd and 3rd boots are a $50 additional charge.

"You have to watch out for caulking that is cracking or separating in all areas that you don't want water to get into. Check you wood siding, windows and doors to see if it is soft an indication that it is rotting. You should caulk anytime you see a crack."

And the cleaning of the gutters to keep water out of the attic need to happen every year.

And with water in mind, a water leak is the most missed maintenance issue. "If you see purple you have a leak. Check under our sinks, toilets, inside your toilets, anywhere there is a valve, or drains these are common areas that leak and can cause a lot of damage and expense."

And the last recommendation: bring the electric leaf blower IN the house and use it to blow out the lint in your home dryer pipes that go through the house. Wesley says you need to do that every year.

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