GREENSBORO, NC -- We couldn't do a maintenance week without talking about maintaining your home. Yes, as in cleaning and as in clutter. No, we're not going to give you a time line for how often you need to do your baseboards or clean your blinds.

Instead, practical ideas from a clutter expert Lorie Marrero who created "The Clutter Diet." 2WTK found her ideas in a Woman's Day magazine and then found her online. We talked with her by Skype and she says what separates a clean house from an unclean house isn't the dust, it's the daily decisions.

Lorie says you need to establish a system, a routine, a plan for the things that happen almost everyday: cooking, dishes, laundry. She says if you make a plan for when you'll do these things, how you'll do them and stick to your own rules -- you won't end up with everything piling up. If you're muttering under your breath right now saying, "if I wasn't so busy I could develop a plan," Lorie says..."it may be true to be too busy to have those processes, but you're also too busy to deal with the aftermath of those processes not getting done. So is it better to hunt down a pair of underwear for your child to go out the door or is it better to spend 2-3 minutes folding clothes so you know there is!"

Point taken. She says a big source of clutter is the pocket dump. That's when you put keys on one counter, your purse on the dining room table and the phone somewhere else. Stuff is everywhere. Lorie says create one place with bins, baskets, hooks, whatever to keep everything in one place.

Now Lorie is also a real human. So I asked her what happens when you get that call that someone is on their way to drop off something, but you have a mess in the living room.

"Also have a stashing plan. I'm just going to be frank about it, I'm not perfect either, people stop by and you have to have a way to get things out of the way. What I recommend is to use your laundry basket because you know you're going to use that laundry basket later, you're going to need it, so you cant' just leave the stuff in there. Go through pick up whatever needs to be picked up and put it in the basket and in the laundry room that way you have to come back to it later."


The Clutter Diet's Lorie Marrero says we need to put routines in place for thigns we do everyday or several times a week: laundry, cooking, dishwashing. She says you make up the routine but here is an example of laundry process.


Take 30 seconds and clear the paper clutter. Get in the routine: as soon as you get the mail take out all the reading materials. Put them in a designated spot.


It all starts in about a month. Lori, the creator of the Clutter Diet, says you need to think about what you want to change or put in place for this fall, now.

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