Greensboro NC -- Monday the Grandover Resort wasn't focused on golf, but on football!

The resort is home to the ACC media day. While Sunday was about the conference's top players, Monday we heard from the coaches. There are a few new faces, with the addition of Louisville to the conference, and with some new coaches.

Coaches answered plenty of questions about the upcoming season, but we had one question they didn't answer: How much do you make?

Our partners at USA Today have a list of the latest NCAA coaches salaries. Now, the most recent numbers are from 2013. USA today is working right now to compile a list of 2014 salaries; it should be out later this year.

The ACC coach with the biggest school salary, Florida State's Jimbo Fisher with $2.7 million.

Next on the ACC roster, NC State's Dave Doeren at $2.5 million.

UNC's Larry Fedora came in lowest at $1.7 million.

But let's put it all in perspective. The nation's highest paid division one coach: Alabama's Nick Saban. He makes $5.3 million. And compared to the other conferences, other coaches made more than Jimbo Fisher.

Boston College, Syracuse, and Pittsburgh's data wasn't able to be included. And you can easily find the links to the other coaches salaries here, on USA Today's listing of all coaches salaries..

Here's a really interesting point from SBnation. A basketball coach in the ACC earns more than Saban, the highest paid football coach. Remember, Saban made $5.3 million. Duke's head basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski makes $9.6 million.

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